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Natalie Bare was one of our Starlets of Dance in 2015! Here she is at that event.

Our new A Calendar to Live By 2018 will be unveiled at the Pink Carpet Gala on September 9, and we’re so excited that the big day is almost here! We’re offering you a brief introduction to the 2018 calendar girls team here on our blog – we asked them to share a story about one of their life-shaping moments and we’ll post the responses here over the next few weeks. We hope you’ll come meet these women at the Gala! Click HERE for a link if you’d like to learn more or get tickets!

I would say deciding to start figure skating as an adult has been a defining moment in my life. Skating has taught me discipline and perseverance and how to have fun and laugh at myself. I was able to keep skating during my chemo and radiation treatments. It was good to have something normal to keep going to. Since starting skating I have won two national metals the first one came to weeks after my diagnosis and then the second one came this year in April. Skating is giving me a whole group of friends of a variety of ages from children to octogenarians who inspire me and keep me going.

-Natalie Bare

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