Pink Link Connect

A social community for breast cancer survivors

What To Expect

Pink Link Connect is a private social community just for breast cancer survivors! Once you sign up, you’ll be able to log into the community and start connecting with women who know what you’re going through.

Once you’re in Pink Link Connect, take a moment to check out the Chat Choices forum. You’ll also be able to find other survivor sisters to talk to privately, if you’d like, or just chat with the whole group in the Chat Choices forum. You can also search for survivors to connect to based on location, diagnosis, treatment, and more.

Don’t forget to add a profile picture of yourself and a background photo on your profile page, if you’d like others to see what you look like! You can find ‘Your Big Sis’ if you have any questions, she is your link to Pink Link Headquarters.

WHO’S THAT LADY? Keep an eye out for posts from Mary Beth Gibson or Rene Bowditch  – they’re the co-founders of Here for the Girls, Inc.  (Pink Link is a support service of Here for the Girls). They’re both breast cancer survivors but they’re well down the road of survivorship so they have lots of insights to share!

To learn more about Pink Link please visit us at

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