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Are you a young woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 50 or younger? Do you feel like you are falling without a parachute? Did hearing the words “you have breast cancer” hurl you into unknown territory? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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Pink Link

Join other survivors online at Pink Link Connect and have discussions in the Chat Choices forum, ask a Chat Guide for support in health and wellness, and connect with other survivors about the unique challenges you are facing through the forum or private messages.You can also search for survivors to connect to based on location, diagnosis, treatment, and more. Here you can restore your strength, your courage, your hope, and return to daily living with renewed energy and enthusiasm. You’ll find all that when you join Pink Link Connect – think of it as your virtual haven full of other women who are looking for the same experience. All you have to do is Connect!

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Beyond Boobs!

Beyond Boobs! brings women like you together in community-based support systems (currently available in limited states) so no young woman has to make this journey without all the love, encouragement, and knowledge she needs from peers who understand. Here you’ll find sisters (who we call Boobers!) who can help you feel less vulnerable in this new world of doctors, tests, surgeries, and treatments. We share information, tips, tears, laughter, hugs, trips to medical appointments, and even our scars to reduce your fears and uplift your spirit.

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Our Resources

Breast Health Manual

We are so glad you love yourself enough to want to take charge of your breast health! Learn how to manage your risk and how to ensure early detection – the key to surviving breast cancer! Please help us spread our breast health message by sharing this site with all the women you care about.

Befriend Your Breasts (BYB)

In the past, the recommendation was to do breast self-exams monthly and clinical exams annually. Recent studies suggest no difference in survival rate when BSEs or clinical breast exams are used alone as a screening tool. Even the larger breast cancer organizations are weighing in differently on recommending their use and are promoting breast self-awareness instead.

Here for the Girls believes in BYB – especially for young women whose access to other screening methods is limited.  BYB = getting chummy with your breasts regularly, but no more than once a month (so you don’t miss subtle changes). The goal is to know how your breasts normally look and feel by becoming good friends with them.  Good friends spend time together, get to know one another well, and are tuned in when something is just not right.  This is how we should treat our breasts!

Resource Guide

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, the challenges to daily life can feel overwhelming. We’ve collected some resources here – links to other not-for-profits and organizations – that can help you along the way. Whether you’re looking for financial assistance, services, or just information, start here! This page is not only for survivors – here you’ll find help for caregivers, spouses, and children, as well. If you know of any resources that you think belong here, let us know!

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