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Today, we at Beyond Boobs! are thankful for turkeys and all that stuff-ing, our families, and YOU! R&MB small

We are always amazed at the generosity of our community, supporters, volunteers, and donors, and for that, we thank you! Although breast cancer may change the course of our lives,it can never change,except to intensify, the gratitude in our hearts to be alive. In that spirit of gratitude, we want each one of you to know how grateful we are for you and how you care for us!


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In keeping with our theme of gratitude this month, we would like to extend a huge Boober! thank you to our in-kind sponsors. Beyond Boobs! is only able to exist as a result of the generosity of donors. While the monetary donations keep our programs going and enable us to strengthen and expand the reach of our services, the in-kind donors are equally critical to our existence. Through their donations of essential services, in-kind donors allow Beyond Boobs! to conserve funds.  We would like to spotlight our largest in-kind donor, G3 Computers, for their incredible generosity, consistent and loyal support, website design, development, and invaluable consulting services. Below, Gordon Miller III, explains why he does what he does.


Having been in business for over 20 years now, I get requests all the time to help various businesses grow and succeed. Right now, we get about 200 requests a year for help. We typically can narrow the list down to 20 pretty easily, but ultimately, we only have time to support two opportunities per year.

The reason that we have chosen Beyond Boobs! for the last 3 years is because cancer affects all of us in one way or  another, even if you don’t have an immediate family member battling the disease. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2010, and her life is now defined by events before that date and since. A cancer diagnosis changes your life forever and the lives of those around you who love you.

Beyond Boobs! has made it their mission to help young women through this process. Breast cancer is striking woman as young as in their 20s and 30s, and late diagnoses are getting more prevalent all the time. Beyond Boobs! is unique in that it doesn’t focus on raising money to find a cure, it is there for women everyday who are on the front lines of the disease and are just trying to survive one more day. When someone receives a cancer diagnosis, there is so much to learn and do, and it helps to have the women of Beyond Boobs! who have ‘been there and done that’ to help navigate the difficult decisions that are ahead of these young women, decisions that will shape the rest of their lives.

On behalf of myself and my company, G3 Systems, Inc., I am proud to support Beyond Boobs!



Gordon G. Miller III, CEO

G3 Systems, Inc.


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The first line of our value statement is,  “The Beyond Boobs! family values love above all and develops and nurtures positive relationships through trust, respect, and gratitude.”  While we believe it is important to practice gratitude throughout the year, we have chosen gratitude as our theme for November. This week, our guest blogger is Jess Kelly sharing her thoughts on Thanksgiving and gratitude.

Hello Friends of Beyond Boobs!

My name is Jess Kelly, and I am lucky enough to be Beyond Boobs!’s intern for the year! I’m a Social Work major at Christopher Newport University and will be graduating this spring. I have no idea what’s next after graduation but plan on working with non-profits in some way. (Beyond Boobs! will always be my favorite though.)  I’m from Maryland but have lived all over the place being a military brat. I play lacrosse at CNU and love my team with all my heart. I am an avid dog lover and have two back home that I miss every day.jessica

I spent last weekend with nearly 60 Boobers! at their annual retreat! It was an amazing experience and really helped me get a sense of what this organization is all about! The sisterhood that has been created is something to be grateful for which leads me to this month’s theme of giving thanks.

Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite occasions to celebrate with loved ones.  Now almost completely eclipsed by Christmas due mostly to the introduction of Black Friday, Thanksgiving, the holiday meant to celebrate gratitude, has been overshadowed by something completely opposite – greed.  So I challenge you all to reflect on the past year and make a list of maybe three things you are grateful for.  Here are mine:

  • The amazing opportunities and chances I have to grow through this internship.  I have already learned so much from Beyond Boobs! – mainly, the strength and optimism I have observed from all of the women involved is inspirational. They have become my role models towards living life to the fullest, even with the crappy stuff that is out of your control.
  • My last year at CNU! – While I am sad to leave school I am so excited for what’s next. While I may have no idea where I’ll be in a year I know that I will carry with me the values and self-awareness that I have learned at CNU and through BB!.
  • My “away from home family”- Being from out of state I have been lucky enough to have created a group of people that I can always count on – similar to the BB! sisterhoods.  This strong bond is so important to have because let’s face it, you can’t handle everything life throws your way alone.

So I encourage all of you to create a list of your own. Share this with your family and friends! Bring the values of Thanksgiving back and celebrate life! Trust me, as someone who has worked retail since high school, the Black Friday “deals” you think you are scoring are not worth missing time with your loved ones.

Take the challenge! Leave a comment expressing your gratitude.

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As we close out Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Beyond Boobs!, we’d like to take a moment to remind you that breast cancer doesn’t care what month it is, nor is it partial to pink.

Beyond Boobs! exists to help the wives, mothers, and daughters who have breast cancer now. That’s why we preceded Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a post called, “3 Things Young Women Need to Know About Breast Cancer.”  That’s why our Good Health Fairy asked you to get Beyond Breast Cancer Awareness to Breast Health Action.  And that’s why when October ends, Beyond Boobs! carries on.

The Pink Ribbon and PinkwashingMB - headshot

October, known for foliage, football, and “fiends,” now has become synonymous with the pink ribbon. While the pink ribbon campaign has been effective in focusing public attention on the serious topic of breast cancer, it has also spawned a pink industry profiting from the use of the ribbon with promises to benefit various breast cancer charities or often just the vague “breast cancer research.”

The widespread placement of ribbons on products ranging from chia pet kits, dog costumes (really!), to rubber duckies has, in some cases, made people immune to the original, well-intentioned objective of the campaign. Even more serious is the emergence of the “pinkwasher.” This is a company or organization that claims to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink ribbon product, but at the same time produces, manufactures and/or sells products that are linked to the disease. To learn more about pinkwashing, click here: Think Before You Pink.

Take Breast Health Action NOW!

At Beyond Boobs!, we have been promoting breast health ACTION from our very beginnings, six years ago. Recognizing that “breast cancer awareness” was very passive (who isn’t aware of breast cancer?), we were one of the first organizations to focus on breast health and changing behaviors, and other organizations have followed our lead. And unlike many other non-profits, we aren’t focused on a future cure, we are helping women with breast cancer NOW.

As we work with young women diagnosed with breast cancer, we are helping to restore them to health – mind, body, and spirit – educating them about reducing their risk of recurrence, and encouraging healthy habits. We also educate all women about managing their own risk of breast cancer, advocating for their health, and urging a lifestyle of wellness.

So as you wade through the sea of pink ribbons this fall, we hope you will pause and do the following:

  • Women, ask yourselves, “Have I checked my breasts lately? Do I need to schedule my annual mammogram?” And men, please urge the women you love to take these actions. Your encouragement is often enough to compel us to do what many of us fear.
  • As you use the pink ribbon to show your support (and we wholeheartedly thank you!) to the over 220,000 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and the almost three million breast cancer survivors, we encourage you to learn who benefits from your charitable purchase and what percentage of your money benefits is donated.
  • Remember the many lives that have been lost to breast cancer and embrace the women who are fighting it now with grace and courage.

October is over, but we’ll continue to spread the word…we hope you’ll join us.


Warm hugs, Mary Beth