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Tracie Tysinger’s mission in life is to offer help and inspiration to women with breast cancer. Six months after she was diagnosed she became a Boober! and she is now a co-facilitator for the Peninsula metastatic group that boasts a membership of 20 women.20140912_123307-1

“I want women to get access to the information they need to know their bodies,” Tracie said. “I want women to have this calendar hanging on their walls so we can get the message out there about breast health.”

Tracie, 41, had a lot of fun posing for the calendar and she loved getting to know the other women involved in the project. “This calendar means more to me than just having my picture taken,” she said. “Through my photo I want to give a smile to the women going through treatment right now and let them know that if I can get through it, anyone can. I am proof that there is life after breast cancer.”

Tracie lives in Newport News with her husband Kevin and their two sons, CJ and Trevor. She is employed at a local Orthopaedic Office.

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As a member of the Air Force, Rashida Mahoney knows about strength and dedication. As a breast cancer survivor, she wants to share that strength with other women who are facing a similar battle.image

Rashida, 30, was diagnosed in 2013. After just being diagnosed, she was working out at a boxing club and saw that the club supported breast cancer awareness. She thought maybe the Zumba instructor was a survivor so she summoned the courage to confide in her about her breast cancer. The instructor introduced her to a Boober! and soon Rashida was a Boober! herself.

“The first time I saw the Beyond Boobs! calendar I thought the women in it were professional models,” Rashida said. “When I realized I could be one of the models I submitted my information but I had no idea how it would turn out.”

Rashida loved her time in front of the camera. She shared the experience with two other strong women in her life, her mother and her nine-year-old daughter Kiara.

“I loved the whole experience of modeling for the calendar,” Rashida said. “It was a lot of fun and everyone there made sure I felt comfortable.”

Rashida believes every woman should educate and empower herself. She attends seminars to learn about women’s empowerment and resilience. Through her own public speaking she spreads awareness about breast cancer and seeks to teach others about the disease.

“Being part of a support group has been a blessing for me,” she said. “Not all people can relate to the physical and mental changes that a woman goes through when she has breast cancer. Things change so fast and being with other women who have had the same experiences helps me feel normal.”

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Janet Knode of Norfolk is proud of her ability to strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone. The 46-year-old Norfolk resident has been a delivery driver with UPS for 12 years and comes in contact with a variety of people every day on her route.Janet

“I love people,” Janet said. “I’m an outgoing person.”

But when Janet was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer on April 1, 2009, it was no laughing matter. A friend told her about Beyond Boobs! After she joined some of her friends who had been calendar models encouraged her to try the modeling experience herself.

“I wasn’t sure about being a calendar model,” Janet confided. “Even though I am an outgoing person, I developed low self-esteem because of my scars. Modeling for the Beyond Boobs! calendar was a kind of therapy for me. During the photo shoot I was able to let my inner spirit shine on my outward appearance, scars and all.”

Janet admits the photography session was difficult for her. “I was a little stressed and nervous,” she said. “I’m not good at having my picture taken. But it was great to do something different. Everyone there was laughing and supportive and they made the experience fun for me.”

When Janet was diagnosed with breast cancer she adopted a lab/Great Dane mix named Kemosabi. He and her 17-year-old dachshund Sparky were beside her every step of the way during her treatment and recovery. When she isn’t driving her delivery route or volunteering with Beyond Boobs! she coaches an adult rec softball team called the Loggerheads.


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