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We can’t believe it has been ten years since the very first Beyond Boobs! calendar model was chosen for our annual A Calendar to Live By! Our calendar is also a health guide in disguise and offers a year of hope and inspiration, along with reminders to put your health first. We are beyond grateful to our generous sponsors, as well as the 100-plus calendar models who have graciously represented BB! and their fellow Boobers! over the years.

During the next several weeks on the blog you will meet the Boobers! who were chosen as calendar models for A Calendar to Live By 2017. You are also hereby invited to join us at the Pink Carpet Gala on Saturday, September 17, as we unveil this year’s calendar. See you there!

A quiet conversation with God led April Salvant to get a mammogram after experiencing breast pain. On July 20, april salvant2015, her life changed forever when she was diagnosed with cancer. A world traveler, April was about to face a new journey, but she would never walk the path alone. Beth Oliver, a breast cancer survivor and Boober!, encouraged April to attend a Beyond Boobs! Not Your Typical Support Group. As a calendar model, April wants to bring hope and inspiration to those facing the fear and uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis.

April and her husband Scott have been married for 22 years. The couple lives in Mechanicsville, VA, with their five children: Jadon (19), Jeff (16), Caroline (16), David (14), and McKenna (14). In anticipation of the big reveal for A Calendar to Live By 2017 at the Pink Carpet Gala in September, April opens up about time capsules and cartoons, as well as her experiences at her photo shoot.

What five items would you put in a time capsule to open 10 years from now?

  1. Haitian coffee
  2. My husband’s craft beer
  3. A letter to myself
  4. Canvas and paint
  5. Picture of my kids

If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be? Why?

Mrs. Incredible. She fights for her family with fierceness. And she is super stretchy.

What is the most daring thing you have ever done?

 Lived in other countries.

What is guaranteed to always make you smile?


What does being selected as a calendar model mean to you?

Honored to be selected. I hope that my story can inspire others and bring healing to broken hearts.

What was the most impactful moment of your calendar model photo shoot?

During the interview, an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for my husband came over me and I started crying. I didn’t want to mess up my makeup, but the tears had to come. He really has been the very best through this ordeal. I am so very thankful.

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