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Our “A Calendar to Live By” features 11 survivors we serve through Here for the Girls programs and their inspiring, uplifting stories about their cancer journey. Get to know this month’s model, Grace!

34, Diagnosed at 30

No family history – no known genetic mutation

Grace is proof that breast self-exams are important! While doing one in the shower, she found a lump. Seeing her husband’s concern, she immediately contacted her doctor who, thankfully, referred her for a mammogram. The radiologist told her it was probably nothing because she was young with no family history, but testing revealed triple negative breast cancer, stage II. She had a lumpectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy. Her diagnosis reaffirmed her faith and refocused her life. “My faith in the Lord is now stronger than ever. I want to take advantage of the second chance He has given me,” Grace says. “Cancer didn’t take my dreams away—it actually gave me courage to follow them, and to enjoy my life, my friends, and my family.” A mother of two and business owner, Grace is also the co-facilitator for the College Station, TX Beyond Boobs! group. Grace credits her BB! sisters with helping her cope after diagnosis. “BB! means so much to me because when I felt I couldn’t talk to anyone, I went to a meeting and instantly felt better! The support these amazing survivors give you is like no other because they have been through the same fear and pain as you.”

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