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Our “A Calendar to Live By” features 11 survivors we serve through Here for the Girls programs and their inspiring, uplifting stories about their cancer journey. Get to know this month’s model, Miki! (If our calendar isn’t hanging on your wall right now, click here to get one.)


37, Diagnosed at 35

1st degree family history – no known genetic mutation

Miki has a frisky, diligent Army husband to thank for helping her take action once he felt the small lump she had ignored for several months thinking it just a clogged milk duct caused by nursing her infant son. The daughter of a survivor, Miki soon received her own dreaded diagnosis: triple negative breast cancer, stage II. After chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy, and reconstruction, Miki has committed to making more time for herself and continuing to nurture the personal growth she experienced during treatment. “I’m a planner—but you sure cannot plan for cancer! I’m working on being more spontaneous in my daily life. The little things in life are so much more important to me now… family dinner, a cuddle on the couch, playing outside with the kids, and regular date nights with my husband.” Along with her husband and her two young sons, her Boober! sisters have played a huge part in her recovery. Miki says, “Beyond Boobs! was a game changer for me. I no longer felt isolated, because even though I had the best support system ever, they couldn’t relate. I felt ‘normal’ and raised up by the love and fierce, fast connections of my BB! sisters.”

  • Peggy Scott
    Posted at 08:04h, 16 March

    Hi there, Boobers! I am Peggy—Miki’s proud mom! I am also a Pink Lady. ITo say that I am proud of Miki just doesn’t seem like enough. She fought this demon head-on and included her family along the way,, in age appropriate fashion. All of us are seeing our Miki emerge on this side of cancer as a new woman and one who, as she says, doesn’t sweat the small stuff anymore. I am so thankful to her BB sisters for all of their support since her diagnosis and treatment. You all have made such a tremendous impact on Miki! I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every one of you for your part in her “rebirth”!!!!!1