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Age 33, diagnosed at 30

No family history, No known genetic mutation

Megan was excited to be turning 30. She was preparing to move into a new home with her husband and two girls and was enjoying her sales job. Life was good. Then a lump and pain in her left breast sent Megan to her doctor. Reassuring her that it was most likely nothing, the doctor referred her for testing. Megan was stunned to learn she had stage 2 breast cancer. She underwent chemotherapy and a double mastectomy with reconstruction. Though Megan had great support at home, she says, “Joining H4TG helped me find women who understand in ways that other people just can’t — and hopefully will never have to.” She gives back by being a resource for other young women like her. “From the start of my journey, I wanted it to serve a bigger purpose than just to survive this season of breast cancer,” she says. “I will always make helping other survivors a part of my new mission in life because I believe in women. I want to lift them up when they are at their lowest and in need.” The women’s empowerment movement that began in the 1920s resonates with Megan’s new sense of purpose and awareness of her own strength and self-worth.

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