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, September 12, 2014 | More Post by

As a member of the Air Force, Rashida Mahoney knows about strength and dedication. As a breast cancer survivor, she wants to share that strength with other women who are facing a similar battle.image

Rashida, 30, was diagnosed in 2013. After just being diagnosed, she was working out at a boxing club and saw that the club supported breast cancer awareness. She thought maybe the Zumba instructor was a survivor so she summoned the courage to confide in her about her breast cancer. The instructor introduced her to a Boober! and soon Rashida was a Boober! herself.

“The first time I saw the Beyond Boobs! calendar I thought the women in it were professional models,” Rashida said. “When I realized I could be one of the models I submitted my information but I had no idea how it would turn out.”

Rashida loved her time in front of the camera. She shared the experience with two other strong women in her life, her mother and her nine-year-old daughter Kiara.

“I loved the whole experience of modeling for the calendar,” Rashida said. “It was a lot of fun and everyone there made sure I felt comfortable.”

Rashida believes every woman should educate and empower herself. She attends seminars to learn about women’s empowerment and resilience. Through her own public speaking she spreads awareness about breast cancer and seeks to teach others about the disease.

“Being part of a support group has been a blessing for me,” she said. “Not all people can relate to the physical and mental changes that a woman goes through when she has breast cancer. Things change so fast and being with other women who have had the same experiences helps me feel normal.”

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, September 05, 2014 | More Post by

Janet Knode of Norfolk is proud of her ability to strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone. The 46-year-old Norfolk resident has been a delivery driver with UPS for 12 years and comes in contact with a variety of people every day on her route.Janet

“I love people,” Janet said. “I’m an outgoing person.”

But when Janet was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer on April 1, 2009, it was no laughing matter. A friend told her about Beyond Boobs! After she joined some of her friends who had been calendar models encouraged her to try the modeling experience herself.

“I wasn’t sure about being a calendar model,” Janet confided. “Even though I am an outgoing person, I developed low self-esteem because of my scars. Modeling for the Beyond Boobs! calendar was a kind of therapy for me. During the photo shoot I was able to let my inner spirit shine on my outward appearance, scars and all.”

Janet admits the photography session was difficult for her. “I was a little stressed and nervous,” she said. “I’m not good at having my picture taken. But it was great to do something different. Everyone there was laughing and supportive and they made the experience fun for me.”

When Janet was diagnosed with breast cancer she adopted a lab/Great Dane mix named Kemosabi. He and her 17-year-old dachshund Sparky were beside her every step of the way during her treatment and recovery. When she isn’t driving her delivery route or volunteering with Beyond Boobs! she coaches an adult rec softball team called the Loggerheads.


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Michele Yepez of Norfolk stumbled onto Beyond Boobs! after she went to another support group and left feeling more depressed than when she arrived. “I was reeling and upset after my breast cancer diagnosis and I felt so out of place at the first support group I attended,” Michele said. “I went to a BB! support group and the women there were so loving and full of life.”Headshot

Another calendar model encouraged Michele to submit a modeling application a couple months after she became a Boober! “I wanted a way to accept my diagnosis and move on with my life,” Michele explained. “I had to write a bio for the application and that was the first time I really put in writing how I felt. I started writing and the thoughts and feelings just kept on coming. It was such an emotional release for me and really helped me open up to myself.”

Michele had a lot of fun during the photo shoot but it was still a scary and taxing experience for her. “I was bald and not really comfortable without my wig,” she said. “I wanted to wear my usual bold makeup and look dressy but I started to doubt my choice because of my baldness. Now that my hair is starting to grow back I am more comfortable with the way I looked at the shoot.”

It was difficult for Michele not to be able to see the photos after becoming so emotionally invested in the project. She is eagerly awaiting the grand unveiling at the Gala in September. “Modeling in the calendar was definitely worth it,” she said. “The experience changed my outlook and gave all that I had been through new meaning.”

Michele has two children, Mathias and Elise. She works as a marketing manager for an insurance company.


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, August 22, 2014 | More Post by

Donna Matherne of Williamsburg, VA, has been a Boober! for a year-and-a-half. She and her husband Chris are parents to two boys, Nathan and Joseph, so it is difficult for her to attend other Beyond Boobs! fundraisers because of family commitments. That is why she is doing everything she can for the 2015 calendar in order to raise funds for the group.Donna M

“Beyond Boobs! has been so helpful for me,” Donna said. “I had good support from my family and friends but I didn’t have anyone who really knew what it was like to have breast cancer. Being a Boober! gives me the chance to connect with other survivors and vent my feelings. I can complain and give voice to my true emotions without worrying about being judged because I am with other ladies who have been through the same experiences.”

Donna, 40, was diagnosed with breast cancer the first time in 2009 after trying to convince doctors that something was wrong for more than a year. The doctors kept telling her that everything was OK but she knew it wasn’t. She trusted herself and kept pushing to finally get the correct diagnosis. After six months of chemotherapy as well as reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy she was diagnosed with cancer again in 2012. She finished her second round of chemo last June. She stresses that women should trust their gut instincts and wants to share that message through her part in the calendar.

Donna believes that laughter is the best medicine and she received a hearty dose during her photo shoot. “There were lots of different movements for the poses and it was so comical,” she said. “Everyone at my shoot laughed the entire time. I had so much fun.”


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, August 15, 2014 | More Post by

Lucy McKay of Burke, VA, was first introduced to Beyond Boobs! when she attended the 2013 Dancing with the Stars event put on by BB!  She received a copy of A Calendar to Live By 2014, and when she saw it she knew that she wanted to be a part of

“I was in the middle of treatment when the photos were taken and I wanted to show people that a woman can be beautiful without hair,” she said. “In the midst of sickness, I was able to still have fun and keep a big smile on my face.”

Lucy has been through so much in the past four years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer the first time in September of 2010. She had numerous surgeries and a double mastectomy as well as chemotherapy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer again in September of 2013, underwent 6 months of chemotherapy and had surgery at the end of July. In September she will undergo radiation treatment.

She said the best part of modeling for the calendar was the camaraderie amongst all the women. She was also impressed by the diversity of the models. “Women can open up the calendar and see themselves in the photos,” she said. “I love that the calendar models were chosen based on their diagnoses and other factors and not their appearances.”

Lucy, 46, is the Director of Finance for Hofheimer Family Law Firm in Virginia Beach. They specialize in divorce and custody cases for women only and are the largest firm in the nation to handle such cases. She and her husband Jon have two children, Myles, 8, and Liam, 5.

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Tiffany Riddick of Powells Point, North Carolina, works as a nurse and is trained in how to take care of others. She wants to extend that care to breast cancer survivors by sharing her story through the 2015 Beyond Boobs!

Fellow Boobers! encouraged Tiffany, 43, to submit a modeling application but she wasn’t sure. One night she couldn’t sleep and when she checked her e-mail she saw a message from Beyond Boobs! requesting applications for models. She applied that night and could not believe it when she was chosen.

Tiffany feels the calendar represents strength, courage, and the determination to survive breast cancer and to also survive whatever life brings our way. Her son, Ethan, passed away in 2007. She knew that if she could get through the pain of losing him that she could win her battle with cancer, too.

“I am very humble,” Tiffany said. “Being in front of the camera was a big deal to me and a life-changing experience. I was so nervous about doing well at the photo shoot that I only remember one of the poses that I did.”

The attack of nerves was worth it for Tiffany, though. “It was a great honor to be chosen as a calendar model,” she said. “If sharing my life story and my strength can help others and make it easier for them then it was all worth it.”

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, August 01, 2014 | More Post by

Stephanie Schneider of White Stone, Virginia, knew she had a family history of breast cancer, but the 32-year-old never thought she would be diagnosed at such a young age. “My grandmother was diagnosed when she was 70,” Stephanie said. “I thought I had forever before I would have to worry about breast cancer.”DSC_1842

Stephanie had just received her diagnosis when she learned about Beyond Boobs! and saw their calendar for the first time. She showed the calendar to her daughters, Adele and Madison, and they encouraged her to become a model.

Stephanie and her husband Dave traveled an hour-and-a-half to the photo shoot and used that time as a mini couples retreat. That seems only fitting since Dave was the one who discovered the lump in her breast back in August of 2013.

“I am definitely the wallflower type, so it was a huge step for me to put myself in front of the camera,” Stephanie confided. “The photo shoot was so cool and I am looking forward to the unveiling at the Gala in September. I just hope that my photo portrays the theme that we were going for.

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I thought my life was over,” Stephanie said. “I want to show women that there is life after cancer and that they don’t have to fight the battle alone.”

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There were no support groups for young breast cancer survivors when Janell Nickols was diagnosed more than two decades ago. Now the 61-year-old James City County resident uses her experiences to show young survivors that a full life after diagnosis is possible. “I want to get the word out to other women that we can survive,” she said.20140214_191600

Janell encourages women to listen to their intuition and to pay attention to their bodies. Twenty-five years ago she was living in New York and happened to watch a biography about Minnie Riperton (best known for singing the 70s song “Lovin’ You”) who passed away at the age of 31 from breast cancer. After seeing that show Janell began to think that she didn’t feel quite right. She had no major symptoms but was later diagnosed with breast cancer.

“The cancer was detected because I listened to myself, my husband listened to me, and my doctor listened to me,” Janell said.

Janell is not normally a fan of having her picture taken because she always seems to blink just when the camera flashes. Other than that, though, she loved the photo shoot from start to finish. “I loved all the attention!” she exclaimed. “I am an extrovert and I loved getting all dressed up for the photos.”

Janell teaches fifth grade at Stonehouse Elementary School. She and her husband James have two children, Jennifer and Joel.

, July 18, 2014 | More Post by

Julia Jewel Martin attended the Beyond Boobs! Gala in 2013 and was inspired by the unveiling of the next year’s calendar. Tears came to her eyes as she looked around the room at all of the women whose lives had been affected by breast cancer. At that moment she decided to be a calendar model so she could help other women by sharing her story.julia

Julia is not shy about confessing her love for the camera. “The photographer and everyone at the shoot made me feel good,” she said. “I loved the dress I wore; it made me feel like a goddess. I felt pretty even with the scars from my breast reconstruction surgery.”

Julia loves and lives every moment of her life. She works at Our Lady of Hope as a recreation therapist, planning fun activities for the residents. She makes sure to schedule fun for her personal life, too.

“I am a shopaholic,” she said, laughing. “I love to buy new clothes. I used to ride a motorcycle and I want to get back to that now that the weather is warmer and my surgeries are done. I bought a guitar and recently paid for four lessons. My goal is to learn how to play over the next three weeks.”

Julia, 29, originally hails from Connecticut. She moved to Virginia in 2003 to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. She and her husband Eric live in Richmond with their three children.

“June 26th was the one-year anniversary of my diagnosis,” Julia said. “That was a big milestone for me. I made it one year and I plan for many more years to come.”

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Who are the 2015 BB! Calendar Models?  On September 20, our  Calendar To Live By 2015 will be revealed featuring our lovely breast cancer survivors and their stories that are sure to inspire you.  Join us in the next 11 weeks for “Calendar Girls 2015” BLOG Series to take a peek into the lives of these ladies and unite with us in anticipation of this year’s Pink Carpet Gala and the big ‘reveal’!

Amy Banks celebrates every year post diagnosis, but 2015 is going to be a particularly sweet year for the 39-year-old Norfolk resident – it will mark five years since she was diagnosed with stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer.

When Amy joined Beyond Boobs! and found out about the yearly calendar project she knew 1234762_10202096101433372_1577343133_nright away she wanted to be a model for 2015 to celebrate her important milestone and share her strength with other women facing a similar diagnosis.

“Everything I read said that the life expectancy was five years out,” Amy said. “I want to show other women that the statistics don’t mean you can’t live longer than that.”

Normally Amy is the one behind the camera so it was a little strange for her to have the lens trained on her. She quickly overcame any nervousness she may have felt. “I am definitely not shy when it comes to getting out there for the cause,” she said with a laugh.

Amy’s 16-year-old son John and her niece went with her to the photo shoot. “It was so cool to have them there with me,” she said. “My son was a vital part of my recovery and was there for me through the entire process. I also wanted to show my niece that there is support out there for women’s breast health.”

Amy is enthusiastic about the calendar and hopes every woman will have one hanging on her wall. “These calendars raise awareness about women’s health,” she said. “They tell the stories of breast cancer survivors and give women the tips and information they need to take care of their bodies.”