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becca for blogBecca Ostman is a one-year survivor who was diagnosed at age 32. She prefers to view her cancer as an opportunity to help other women who have been affected by the disease and to educate everyone on early detection and healthy living. Here she offers her offbeat humor and solutions to hefting on the holiday pounds.

Tis the season to start holiday (over)eating for most people. We have company parties, family dinners, and holiday celebrations. We are out shopping and wolfing down $.99 cheeseburgers on the go to maximize the amount of sales we can hit. We are trimming the healthy part of our food budget to allow for more gift giving. And in a few weeks, we will make the annual New Year’s Resolution to lose all that weight we made no effort to avoid in the first place. Why do we repeat these same cycles year after year?

So, as you hang our cherished A Calendar to Live By 2014 and flip the page to January, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to dedicate those New Year’s Resolutions to something more fun? Maybe like the activities we do around Beyond Boobs! — participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run or Skydiving! Or how about checking items off your “life list” such as seeing a new country or state? Or you could even take up a new hobby? Anything rather than crash hardcore dieting. Again. And failing at it. Again.

There is no need to wait for 2014 to begin healthy eating habits. We can start NOW! There are several tricks to help you out during the season of feasting so January doesn’t become a season of unhealthy fasting.

Dietary Do’s and Don’ts

Have you ever been to a company party, Solstice gathering, New Year’s Bash, or family dinner that was “One Plate Only” style? Have you ever seen Uncle Bob or your CEO standing by the buffet table reminding cousins or temporary employees to pack on as much as you can because you only get one trip to the trough? No, of course not!! Buffet style eating was not created so we can have full sized side and main course helping portions of EVERYTHING on the buffet. It was invented for holiday grazers to get a little bite sized portion of several offerings so they are able to try Aunt Edna’s candied yams AND Aunt Sally’s Green Bean Surprise AND Uncle Mac’s Rum Balls without exploding on the fine china. It was created so we can try a tiny bit of everything. Emphasis on TINY. So, make that first round a sample plate with single or two-bite helpings only. That way, you don’t have to choke down spoonful after spoonful of hideous Green Bean Surprise while Aunt Sally watches with glee, and you can figure out what you WANT to go back for. Many times, the sample round is filling enough that you don’t need a second trip and you can save room for a sample round of deserts!!

Which brings us to desserts. Even though the holiday season is filled with stress and desserts is stressed spelled backwards, it doesn’t mean that eating piles of truffles and Christmas cookies is going to help figure out how to finance that new Batman car your kid is going to play with twice. It’s not going to leave you broke and happy. It’s going to leave you broke and fat and feeling miserable. Also, how do you only take a sample of four kinds of pies?! Well, believe it or not, it is not rude to cut a pie slice in half again or even two more times. Taking a sliver of pie is seen as not being a Piggy to ensure that more people get to sample the rhubarb AND the pecan caramel apple pumpkin cinnamon streusel. And this way, you get to try all four kinds of pie without having to take a whole slice of each and inducing diabetes! You can also pair up with a friend or relative and agree to each take a slice of a different pie then share at the table.

If you are a cancer survivor bringing a dish to a family or company dinner, this is a great way to share with friends, co-workers, and family, the new healthier eating habits that you have developed as a result of your diagnosis. There is nothing wrong with making a little placard on an index card to let people know if a dish is gluten or dairy free, low calorie, vegetarian, or healthy for survivors. It may inspire dinner conversations about how your non-cancerous loved ones can improve their own eating habits to help ward off the evil C-beast. Try to avoid slogans like “Try My Meatless Balls” or “Tofurkey Saves Tatas.” Keep it simple but intriguing so people ask questions.

Calorie-Busting Family Fun

What about after the family gorge? What can we do to avoid training all those calories to set up shop as lazy fat cells while we watch football? Well, back in the day, Thanksgiving and Christmas were both more active holidays! Families used to play healthy games of regular or Nerf football to work off dinner. But it doesn’t have to be football. You can play bocce ball, soccer, croquet, or any other game the family enjoys. On Christmas, it is also fun for everyone to head outside and watch the kiddos enjoy their new outside toys like bikes, skates, skateboards, and sports equipment or even participate by playing with them. This also encourages the kids to value those toys as well as the obese-inducing movies and video games. It’s amazing how much joy kids get from parents and relatives actually coming outside to watch some tricks on the bike or see how fast they can skate or how great a shot they are with their new basketball.

Family fun time it doesn’t have to always be sitting around the ol’ 95 inch watching Charlie Brown’s teacher practice her nautical radio skills for the 75th time. It may seem silly, but the Wii, X Box Kinect, and PlayStation Move can be very physical and can work you up a darn good sweat!! The sports games are great as well as workout games and fighting games. Even the music and instrument games burn calories while you have good family fun. If you don’t have any of those platforms, they can be bought very cheap at Thrift Stores and Cash Converters.

If you don’t like video games, there are many family board games with physical or charade type components. Shop around and see what you can find!! There is also the good old-fashioned go outside and play option too! And don’t forget how physically challenging securing and hand decorating and lighting a tree or decorating the house or yard can be!! Sure, you will all want to kill each other by the end of it, but it’s pretty to look at and will definitely burn off a few candy canes and Starbucks shopacinnos.

All throughout the holiday season, you can cut calorie build up and offer a preemptive strike against overeating like a polar bear in September by upping your regular exercise routines to offset the added calories going in. Unlike balancing your devastated holiday checkbook, the outgoing calories HAVE to be higher than the incoming to maintain a healthy balance and weight. If you are eating more, you have to be working out more!! Try working out during some of those Christmas movies you could probably recite even after a stroke. Do some crunches, squats, step aerobics, or wall sits while you absent-mindedly mumble about shooting your eye out and leg lamps.

Many gym memberships offer free trials during November and December. Give one a try! You may like it and decide to join, but if you don’t or the fees are too high, you got a month or a couple of weeks of free workout to offset all the extra poultry-loading. And you might have even found some workout stuff you can do at home!

Smart Gifting, Smart Shopping

What are the holidays without gift giving and receiving! It shouldn’t break the bank and doesn’t have to! What better way to avoid expensive shopping than to make some food items for our loved ones or take them to a holiday party gift swap. We can make these treats healthily and then include a little tag that tells them how healthy it is, why, and how to make it for their own families. It is a passive way to spread good eating habits. We know we are going to get some bins of popcorn and boxes of candy. If you know you don’t want to eat them, politely accept, stick them under the Kwanza bush, don’t open them, and then donate them to your local chemotherapy office for the chemo patients to enjoy when they are stuck infusing during the holidays. Many of us know the joy of finding actual chocolate in the Jolly Rancher and mint bowl!

Also regarding gifting and shopping, you know when you leave the house that you aren’t grabbing one thing “real quick” and are not coming home until well after dark. So, to avoid hitting up the fast food and sucking back five-hour energy shots, pack some healthy snacks to get you through the day’s shopping! You can pack homemade energy-boosting goodies, peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread, healthy whole grain crackers, cut up fruit and vegetables, or any other snacks you like. You can even pack a cooler with some low fat yogurt, fruit, green tea, or water.

When it comes to gifts and shopping, there are easy workouts buried within this too! You could always ask for a gym membership or workout equipment like a kettlebell, free weights, or resistance bands for Chanukah instead of one more sweater or throw blanket. When shopping for others, there is nothing wrong with encouraging good physical fitness in your loved ones. You can give light hand weights, jump ropes, stretchy bands, yoga mats, kettlebells, workout DVDs, more active fitness based Wii games, or outdoors toys. You can often find great deals on these at stores like Marshalls, Big Lots, and TJ Maxx and there is a special joy in watching someone struggle to figure out what a set of wrapped three-pound weights could possibly be.

When shopping for others, make yourself workout. Park as far from the stores as possible and get a free walk. More accidents happen in parking lots during the holiday season anyway and you will hit the store in a better mood! You can also park on the opposite side of the mall from where you are going and walk the mall. Who knows, you may spot that perfect ugly Christmas sweater for Aunt Helen on your journey.

Who knows, if you put these things into practice throughout December, you may find you feel better, look better, and have more energy. And you may just decide to be healthier all year long!!

Happy Holidays!!

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Today, we at Beyond Boobs! are thankful for turkeys and all that stuff-ing, our families, and YOU! R&MB small

We are always amazed at the generosity of our community, supporters, volunteers, and donors, and for that, we thank you! Although breast cancer may change the course of our lives,it can never change,except to intensify, the gratitude in our hearts to be alive. In that spirit of gratitude, we want each one of you to know how grateful we are for you and how you care for us!


, November 22, 2013 | More Post by

In keeping with our theme of gratitude this month, we would like to extend a huge Boober! thank you to our in-kind sponsors. Beyond Boobs! is only able to exist as a result of the generosity of donors. While the monetary donations keep our programs going and enable us to strengthen and expand the reach of our services, the in-kind donors are equally critical to our existence. Through their donations of essential services, in-kind donors allow Beyond Boobs! to conserve funds.  We would like to spotlight our largest in-kind donor, G3 Computers, for their incredible generosity, consistent and loyal support, website design, development, and invaluable consulting services. Below, Gordon Miller III, explains why he does what he does.


Having been in business for over 20 years now, I get requests all the time to help various businesses grow and succeed. Right now, we get about 200 requests a year for help. We typically can narrow the list down to 20 pretty easily, but ultimately, we only have time to support two opportunities per year.

The reason that we have chosen Beyond Boobs! for the last 3 years is because cancer affects all of us in one way or  another, even if you don’t have an immediate family member battling the disease. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2010, and her life is now defined by events before that date and since. A cancer diagnosis changes your life forever and the lives of those around you who love you.

Beyond Boobs! has made it their mission to help young women through this process. Breast cancer is striking woman as young as in their 20s and 30s, and late diagnoses are getting more prevalent all the time. Beyond Boobs! is unique in that it doesn’t focus on raising money to find a cure, it is there for women everyday who are on the front lines of the disease and are just trying to survive one more day. When someone receives a cancer diagnosis, there is so much to learn and do, and it helps to have the women of Beyond Boobs! who have ‘been there and done that’ to help navigate the difficult decisions that are ahead of these young women, decisions that will shape the rest of their lives.

On behalf of myself and my company, G3 Systems, Inc., I am proud to support Beyond Boobs!



Gordon G. Miller III, CEO

G3 Systems, Inc.


, November 15, 2013 | More Post by

The first line of our value statement is,  “The Beyond Boobs! family values love above all and develops and nurtures positive relationships through trust, respect, and gratitude.”  While we believe it is important to practice gratitude throughout the year, we have chosen gratitude as our theme for November. This week, our guest blogger is Jess Kelly sharing her thoughts on Thanksgiving and gratitude.

Hello Friends of Beyond Boobs!

My name is Jess Kelly, and I am lucky enough to be Beyond Boobs!’s intern for the year! I’m a Social Work major at Christopher Newport University and will be graduating this spring. I have no idea what’s next after graduation but plan on working with non-profits in some way. (Beyond Boobs! will always be my favorite though.)  I’m from Maryland but have lived all over the place being a military brat. I play lacrosse at CNU and love my team with all my heart. I am an avid dog lover and have two back home that I miss every day.jessica

I spent last weekend with nearly 60 Boobers! at their annual retreat! It was an amazing experience and really helped me get a sense of what this organization is all about! The sisterhood that has been created is something to be grateful for which leads me to this month’s theme of giving thanks.

Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite occasions to celebrate with loved ones.  Now almost completely eclipsed by Christmas due mostly to the introduction of Black Friday, Thanksgiving, the holiday meant to celebrate gratitude, has been overshadowed by something completely opposite – greed.  So I challenge you all to reflect on the past year and make a list of maybe three things you are grateful for.  Here are mine:

  • The amazing opportunities and chances I have to grow through this internship.  I have already learned so much from Beyond Boobs! – mainly, the strength and optimism I have observed from all of the women involved is inspirational. They have become my role models towards living life to the fullest, even with the crappy stuff that is out of your control.
  • My last year at CNU! – While I am sad to leave school I am so excited for what’s next. While I may have no idea where I’ll be in a year I know that I will carry with me the values and self-awareness that I have learned at CNU and through BB!.
  • My “away from home family”- Being from out of state I have been lucky enough to have created a group of people that I can always count on – similar to the BB! sisterhoods.  This strong bond is so important to have because let’s face it, you can’t handle everything life throws your way alone.

So I encourage all of you to create a list of your own. Share this with your family and friends! Bring the values of Thanksgiving back and celebrate life! Trust me, as someone who has worked retail since high school, the Black Friday “deals” you think you are scoring are not worth missing time with your loved ones.

Take the challenge! Leave a comment expressing your gratitude.

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As we close out Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Beyond Boobs!, we’d like to take a moment to remind you that breast cancer doesn’t care what month it is, nor is it partial to pink.

Beyond Boobs! exists to help the wives, mothers, and daughters who have breast cancer now. That’s why we preceded Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a post called, “3 Things Young Women Need to Know About Breast Cancer.”  That’s why our Good Health Fairy asked you to get Beyond Breast Cancer Awareness to Breast Health Action.  And that’s why when October ends, Beyond Boobs! carries on.

The Pink Ribbon and PinkwashingMB - headshot

October, known for foliage, football, and “fiends,” now has become synonymous with the pink ribbon. While the pink ribbon campaign has been effective in focusing public attention on the serious topic of breast cancer, it has also spawned a pink industry profiting from the use of the ribbon with promises to benefit various breast cancer charities or often just the vague “breast cancer research.”

The widespread placement of ribbons on products ranging from chia pet kits, dog costumes (really!), to rubber duckies has, in some cases, made people immune to the original, well-intentioned objective of the campaign. Even more serious is the emergence of the “pinkwasher.” This is a company or organization that claims to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink ribbon product, but at the same time produces, manufactures and/or sells products that are linked to the disease. To learn more about pinkwashing, click here: Think Before You Pink.

Take Breast Health Action NOW!

At Beyond Boobs!, we have been promoting breast health ACTION from our very beginnings, six years ago. Recognizing that “breast cancer awareness” was very passive (who isn’t aware of breast cancer?), we were one of the first organizations to focus on breast health and changing behaviors, and other organizations have followed our lead. And unlike many other non-profits, we aren’t focused on a future cure, we are helping women with breast cancer NOW.

As we work with young women diagnosed with breast cancer, we are helping to restore them to health – mind, body, and spirit – educating them about reducing their risk of recurrence, and encouraging healthy habits. We also educate all women about managing their own risk of breast cancer, advocating for their health, and urging a lifestyle of wellness.

So as you wade through the sea of pink ribbons this fall, we hope you will pause and do the following:

  • Women, ask yourselves, “Have I checked my breasts lately? Do I need to schedule my annual mammogram?” And men, please urge the women you love to take these actions. Your encouragement is often enough to compel us to do what many of us fear.
  • As you use the pink ribbon to show your support (and we wholeheartedly thank you!) to the over 220,000 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and the almost three million breast cancer survivors, we encourage you to learn who benefits from your charitable purchase and what percentage of your money benefits is donated.
  • Remember the many lives that have been lost to breast cancer and embrace the women who are fighting it now with grace and courage.

October is over, but we’ll continue to spread the word…we hope you’ll join us.


Warm hugs, Mary Beth

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Shared by Shawn Huddy ~ Miss December 2014

When a person gets a diagnosis of a medical condition that is quite possibly life threatening, that person doesn’t often find the silver lining immediately.  I know this because I have been there – with breast cancer.

It’s odd because I couldn’t tell you what I had for lunch or dinner 3 days ago – but I can tell you, in great detail, about the phone call I received in which my surgeon told me I had breast cancer. I can tell you what time it was.  What day it was and what day of the week.   Where I was leaving when I got in my car.  Where I pulled my car over for her to deliver the news.  The exact order of the phone calls I made immediately after.  Who’s house I drove to – to fall completely apart and cry and ask questions of people who love me, but who had no answers for me.

In that same odd vein, I cannot tell you, with many specifics, about my first meeting with my Oncologist.  Those were possibly some of the most important minutes of my adult life and they are fuzzy.  But I do remember numbers like 50% chance or recurrence with only chemo; 28% chance of recurrence with chemo and bi-lateral mastectomy; 14% chance with chemo, bi-lateral mastectomy, and radiation.  I remember those percentages because my Oncologist wrote them on the dry erase board for me.  I calculated them up forward and reverse.  I made my decision – “All of the above, Doc.  Please save my life and let me watch my little girl grow up”.

The reason I am writing these things on this blog is to make a point about Beyond Boobs!  My hunch is that if you asked the breast cancer survivors you know about when they got the news – I bet most of them will be able to tell you a great deal about that event.  And I bet a lot of those same survivors might be sketchy on the details of their first Oncologist visit, and they probably had someone else there to hear and ask questions for them in case they got overwhelmed.

A lot of people in our lives have sympathy for us if we are diagnosed with any life threatening illness.  They care about us and they understand our suffering and they want to stop it and fix it.  Beyond Boobs! Is a support group designed for pre-menopausal women diagnosed with breast cancer. So, when you go to a Beyond Boobs! meeting you are met with empathy.  The “boobers” at these meetings have mutually experienced breast cancer and the emotions, the physical challenges and changes, and the thoughts and questions that come with it.                         CLIFF NOTES:  THEY GET IT!!!!

I tried one support group prior to my first chemo infusion and, although the group members were kind and supportive and helpful, I didn’t feel better when I left the meeting. . . . I felt worse.  I decided to write off support groups altogether.  Then a friend referred me to another friend who was in Beyond Boobs!  I went to my first support group meeting with BB! in December of 2010.  This time it spoke to me, in fact it had “Shawn Huddy” written all over it . . . in at least seven different languages!!  I was hooked.

What happens when Beyond Boobs! Hooks you???

shawn (1)

Well, that silver lining I mentioned in the very beginning of this blog . . . it comes at you from all directions.  That empathy and bond and desire to help happens and all of the “boobers” take you under their wing and make sure you know about the light on the other side.  Their love is so apparent in each event, committee meeting, support group meeting, impromptu lunch or drink after work.  BB! has become an extension of my family and social circle.  We know each other’s kids, significant others, parents, friends, etc.

It’s a crappy club to be part of because of the whole “cancer” thing, but I have met some of the most amazing, diverse, strong, supportive, intelligent, knowledge seeking, loving, funny, spunky, spirited, and fun people of my life thru Beyond Boobs! They are a living, breathing, encompassing, evolving silver lining.  How could you NOT get hooked on Beyond Boobs!We give lots of hugs. We hand each other tissues for lots of tears.  We share lots of laughs.  We love and extend our hands and hearts to each other.

Then before you know it – we are all advocates and lobbyists and voices to be heard.  We create a work force at fund raisers.  We call on our connections for hook ups and donations. We share potential life saving information with one another and thru social networks.  We post encouraging messages on Facebook and within the BB! pages.  We apply to be dancers, fashion models, calendar girls.

Yep, I got to be in the 2014 Beyond Boobs! Calendar for Life (and breast health manual). I’m Miss December. It’s not the picture I initially thought was fitting of me – because even though I like to talk like I’m sassy and tough,  I’m really just a kitten.  In the picture I am punching glass and the glass is cracking and about to shatter all around me.  My image has gotten a lot of attention for being powerful and empowering.  So, I am starting to really like my picture and to identify with my inner bad-ass.

Being chosen to represent Beyond Boobs! In the 2014 calendar was a huge honor and I am so proud and pleased to be part of it.  When I went thru the physical changes of losing my breasts and hair there was nothing powerful about me.  I was completely self conscious.  I felt unattractive, fearful, unworthy, and unwilling to stand up for myself.  Beyond Boobs! helped to give me back my mojo, my worth, my ability to question things about my world that were unacceptable to me and to feel confident enough to change them.  It’s been a beautiful lesson for my daughter, as well.  Her mama ain’t raising no wallflower, here.

I’m still a work in progress and still need to make improvements in my life but I am finding the inner strength to accomplish the tasks at hand.  I may not be a total bad-ass, but I did get to play one in the Beyond Boobs! Calendar for Life 2014!

A Calendar to Live By 2014: See the Video!

A Calendar to Live By 2014: Order Now!

, October 17, 2013 | More Post by

Anyone with a camera can take a picture, but it takes a photographer with heart to capture the spirit. The photographs in our 2014 Calendar to Live By, like our calendar girls themselves, don’t just sit there looking pretty – they tell a powerful story.

Using the photographic technique of double exposure, photographer Brian Freer highlights the struggle while paying tribute to the strength of young women with breast cancer. Each woman’s unique perspective shines through at first glance, but as you study the photographs, you can’t help but feel a deeper connection.

Watch the “making of” A Calendar to Live By video and you’ll see what we mean. This is not only a labor of love; it’s a work of art.


Snuggled in the center of the calendar is a “Guide to Caring for Yourself,” which is our way of getting beyond breast cancer awareness and into breast health action. It’s packed with information all young women need to know. You’ll find our tips for healthy living, early detection and screening for breast cancer, and information for the newly diagnosed and for those who love them.

Oh, and it’s a calendar, too. Order your 2014 Calendar to Live By today – and order a few extras to share with your friends!

Did you watch the video? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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Hello Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Wait! There’s something wrong here. We at Beyond Boobs! want you to focus on your breast health, not cancer, and not just this October, but every month. And though awareness is good, it won’t help with early detection if there is a problem UNLESS you DO what you need to “check them out” regularly.

So, get to really KNOW your breasts:

  • admire them (and you-we are ALL beautiful!) in the mirror as, say, you brush your teeth – look for any changesGHF
  • do a monthly self-exam where you feel them too
  • beginning at age 20, get regular clinical breast exam at least every 3 years
  • if 40 or over or at high risk (check with your doctor), get an annual mammogram (in your birthday month is an easy way to remember this and is a gift to yourself)

So find an “accountability friend” to help you make all this a priority (you’ll be helping her too) and go out to lunch or shopping (my favorite!) to reward yourselves for Taking Charge of your breast health!

With healthy wishes this and every month,





, September 24, 2013 | More Post by


Breast cancer is an older woman’s disease, right? WRONG! Breast cancer can strike anyone, male or female, young or old, family history of breast cancer or not. It’s definitely less common in younger women, but about five percent of new breast cancer diagnoses involve women under age 40.

We’re not telling you this to scare you. We’re telling you because we want to empower you to take charge of your breast health!

3 Things Every Young Woman Should Take to Heart

  • Get familiar with your breasts. Don’t be shy about touching them. That way you’ll be aware of changes early on. If you find a lump, don’t panic – most turn out to be noncancerous, but it’s worth finding out, don’t you think?
  • Listen to your body and to your intuition. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young to have breast cancer. If you have concerns, see your doctor. Request an examination and additional screening that may validate or disprove your concern.
  • Don’t let fear of breast cancer keep you from taking the steps necessary to monitor your breast health. Ignoring the possibility of breast cancer won’t prevent you from getting it, but it may prevent you from catching it in its earliest stages when the survival rate is highest.

What we know now from experience, we want you to know ahead of time. Please take it to heart. It could save your life.

You’ve got a lot of people counting on you and so much yet to experience. We are living proof that breast cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence; it may even result in a new appreciation and enthusiasm for life.

For more information on managing breast cancer risk, read our: Things We Wish We Had Known. And if you’re confused about whether or not you should have a mammogram, you’re not alone. Beyond Boobs! weighed on the latest research: Younger Women Need Mammograms, says new study.

Our Boobers (people who have or have had breast cancer) and Boostiers (volunteers and supporters) are always up to something. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you up-to-date on what they – and we – are up to.

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, what do you know now that you wish you’d known before? Leave a comment and let us know.


, September 13, 2013 | More Post by


Hope – Inspiration – Power – That’s what we’re all about and that’s what we want to share with you. At Beyond Boobs!, we break through breast cancer awareness into breast cancer ACTION, so we offer practical information you can use in your daily life.

Through our new Beyond Boobs! blog, H.I.P. Chick Chat, we’ll provide important educational material about breast cancer, share a few laughs, and encourage good conversation. We don’t want to talk at you; we want to talk with you.

The Beyond Boobs! mission is to heal and save lives by supporting young women diagnosed with breast cancer while providing breast health education for all. Using healing humor and our own quirky style, we live life with an exclamation point (!) instead of a period (.), and want to share that philosophy with you.

We’ll give you the heads up on big events like the Pink Carpet Gala and Run For the Hills. We’ll fill you in on our latest adventures, like when our boobers go for a spin on a motorcycle or jump out of an airplane just because they can. Now that’s worth sharing.

We’ll be showcasing inspiring guest posts from breast cancer survivors (our precious boobers), and those who love them (our generous boostiers). We want to hear from writers, health advocates, medical professionals, and anyone who has something to share.

Got a question about breast cancer or a suggestion for a post? Contact us! We’ll put it on our “to do” list.

Thanks for stopping by our H.I.P. Chick Chat. Bookmark us, come back often for our latest updates, and help spread the word. While you’re at it, connect with us on our social media outposts: Facebook/Beyond Boobs | Twitter/BeyondBoobs | Twitter/GoodHealthFairy | LinkedIn/Beyond Boobs