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Body artist Wendy Harris is on a mission to make bald beautiful. For the past harris-henna-2several years she has volunteered her time and talents with Beyond Boobs! to design henna crowns for women battling breast cancer. The henna crown designs are painted directly onto the scalp using an all-natural henna paste that Wendy mixes from scratch. The henna is temporary and lasts anywhere from one to three weeks.

Wendy met the women of Beyond Boobs! at Art Inspired, an art and wellness studio in Newport News, Virginia. “At that time, I didn’t know a lot about breast cancer,” Wendy said. “I had no idea how many people around me were dealing with the disease.”

Over the past several years, Wendy has painted hundreds of henna crowns on Boobers! She volunteers at the annual Pink Carpet Gala, and is also part of the retreat for survivors in Sandbridge in Virginia Beach. The henna booth is always one of the most popular attractions at the Gala, and Wendy loves being part of the retreat.

harris-henna“Volunteering with Beyond Boobs! has opened my eyes to breast cancer,” Wendy said. “The women have educated me about the importance of self-exams, and I have learned so much from sitting in on sessions during the retreats.”

Women can choose any design they wish for their henna crowns, from messages of hope and inspiration to images and memorials. “Henna crowns give women an extra boost of confidence,” Wendy said. “For that moment, they can be happy and not think about other stuff, like treatment and medical bills. I love giving them that moment of joy and hearing all the oohs and ahs when they see their crown.”

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