On behalf of our H4TG team, thank you for checking out our organization as a potential recipient of your donation. We are thrilled that you’ve decided to do your due diligence. In 2017, 88% of every dollar contributed went directly to our mission of supporting young women diagnosed with breast cancer under age 51. The remainder was allocated toward fundraising (5.5%) and administrative expenses (6.5%).

Here are some examples of the 88% at work:

A Calendar to Live By – Over 80% of all calendars produced are donated to newly diagnosed women, medical facilities, free clinics, and community groups.  Since 2007, this is over 88,000 calendars.

Facilitator Training – We conduct comprehensive introductory and ongoing training sessions and host a learning weekend, all dedicated to strengthening facilitator skills, fostering sisterhood bonding, and supporting our “leaders of love.” As of September, ten new facilitators were trained in 2018.

Annual Survivor Retreat – We offer a cost-free weekend for survivors that focuses on health (mental/physical) and wellness and results in improved quality of life and emotional wellbeing for our Boobers!

Expansion – In our ongoing efforts to spread the Boober! love, we are expanding our reach into new geographic areas, with Tri-Cities Virginia being our newest.

Partnering with Health Systems – We work closely with health systems (physicians + nurse navigators) to serve young women with breast cancer. Thank you to our longtime health system partners: Riverside Health System, Sentara Healthcare, Virginia Oncology Associates – and our newest partners: Henrico Doctors Hospital, Massey Cancer Center, and Southside Regional Medical Center.

Here for the Girls helps young women who are diagnosed with the disease NOW to use a very scary, life threatening diagnosis as a catalyst for positive transformation by living life with an ! while educating the community about lifestyle changes that support breast health and overall healthy living.

From Our Hearts,

The H4TG Board + Team

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The information presented above is based on our most recent submitted Form 990 containing detailed financial information.

Updated: 11/2018

Additional information is available upon request. Please email requests to info@hereforthegirls.org.

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