At Here for the Girls, we help women with a breast cancer diagnosis live their best lives; sadly, some of those lives are cut short by this disease. We love all the women we serve, and we aim to help honor their passing through our In Our Hearts life celebration program.

This program includes a memorial of the deceased on our In Our Hearts web page, inclusion of the lost loved one’s name in our annual ceremony, and inclusion in our annual In Our Hearts glass memorial sculpture.

We Remember Our Boobers!

A Boober!  is a woman diagnosed under 51 who is a member of H4TG

In Our Hearts FAQ

How do I add a Boober! to the In Our Hearts Remembrance Wall?

H4TG’s In Our Hearts life celebration program relies on input from those who loved our Boobers! who are no longer with us. Fill out our simple online form with basic information about the deceased (including a photo, if desired), and staff will add it to the website. On the form you may indicate if you’d like a remembrance packet mailed to you.

How do I submit celebration of life/funeral details?

If you would like to share information about an upcoming funeral, memorial, or life-celebration service for a Here for the Girls Boober!, you may submit event details to our calendar. (Note: this is limited only to women who received services from Here for the Girls at some time during or after breast cancer treatment.)

What is our annual In Our Hearts ceremony?

Details on the 2019 ceremony will be available soon

Each year (beginning in 2019), we will hold an In Our Hearts ceremony in November. Staff, board members, Boobers! (our name for the women we serve), and loved ones of those being remembered are invited to attend. The ceremony will celebrate the lives of lost Boobers! and will culminate with the burning of remembrance packets/boxes from that year. The ashes taken from this ceremony will be included in a handmade, blown glass heart sculpture which will be displayed in the Here for the Girls headquarters and at select Here for the Girls events.

Space is limited – please visit our calendar to learn more

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