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Ah, February! For most people, this little month is the only thing standing between them and spring. Here at Beyond Boobs!, we see the shortest month of the year for what it truly is: a reason to celebrate love! The BB! family values love above all else, so we get especially excited when Valentine’s Day rolls around and the whole world has love on the brain (and in their hearts!).linking hearts

Rather than spend a mere 24 hours dedicated to love, we are devoting the entire month to Boober! love and friendship on our BLOG. First up is a piece on Boober! besties Michele Yepez and Shawn Huddy as they talk about their involvement with the group and how life’s twists and turns led them to each other and an amazing new friendship neither one expected. Next up is a tribute to Juanita Lee from Boober! Holly Carlson. Holly shares her memories of Juanita and the impact their friendship had (and continues to have) on her life. We end the series with a shout-out to Elisha Villanueva and Anna Snyder, two fitness fanatics on the West Coast who support BB! by raising funds through virtual marathons with the help of runners and walkers all over the world.

So sit back, read about our incredible Boobers! and supporters, and let love lead the way.

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