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Beyond Boobs! is one big happy family, but it is also a business. In addition to a host of amazing volunteers, BB! has been blessed with a group of talented, hardworking staff members who are truly the backbone of the organization. Because of their love and dedication, we are able to continue our mission of providing encouragement and support to young women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Staff members work behind the scenes to make sure all of our events run smoothly, and they take care of the millions of not-so-sexy, but just as valuable, details of running a business. Most important, they are there for our Boobers!, helping them live life with an exclamation point!

We share so much of our lives with our staff. Spending time with these amazing women and getting to know them and their families is a joy. And now it is our great privilege to introduce them to you. In the coming weeks, the blog will feature profiles of our staff members – the women behind the boobs.

victoria rileyVictoria Riley joined Beyond Boobs! as Business Development and Operations Manager in February of 2016, but her involvement with the group goes back several years. Her mom, Chris Schwab, is BB!’s Managing Director, and when Chris became active with BB!, she brought her daughter along with her to events. Victoria took part in the BB! fashion shows on the Southside, and also went to the Pink Carpet Gala and the “Breast” Ball Golf Tournament.

Victoria studied art history in college, but she is equally at home with technology. Currently she is working to build BB!’s infrastructure, including the implementation of Salesforce, a cloud computing platform.

“It is an exciting time to join the organization,” Victoria said. “We are experiencing a new wave of growth that will bring on new technology and infrastructure developments, which is something I am passionate about.”

Victoria and her husband Jamin were married last fall. The newlyweds, along with their rescue dog, Finnigan, live in Fairfax and are in the process of relocating to Williamsburg. Victoria and Jamin love playing golf and tennis together. They also spend as much time as they can hiking and camping, especially in their favorite spot, the Shenandoah Valley.

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